Social Media

Risk Management and Social Media? Does it go together?

Today I would like to ask the community a question about the use of  Social Media in Risk Management. In the last weeks I was confronted with thoughts about how to use Social Media in Risk Management. The perception of Social media within Risk Manage
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Customer requirements / feedback gathering

Today, I have a question for you. Assume, that you want to build up a new application which is very important to your company. The application offers one of your core services. Because of the importance of the project you would like to precedently co
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Achieved. Technorati is listing me

Finally! Technorati is listing my blog after several attempts. There has been an excuse from Technorati here. It seems that the Technorati employees are reading the messages on Twitter as well. Interesting. At least I haven’t received any answe
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Attention deficit. The importance of having choices !

One of the last blog entries on Webinknow was about attention. Attention is also to do with beeing visible and found. There are a few services you have to be listed on to get your deserved crowd on your blog, homepage, whatever. One of them is Techno
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