Marketing strategy
Selection criteria

Marketing campaign driven by which criteria?

ecently I had some interesting chats with some people from large international companies looking for some high quality leads for their marketing campaigns. As always I asked them what kind of leads are they aiming for and which criteria should be th
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Relationship marketing is strategic.

Relationship management is strategic

Relationships are strategic. Customer relationship management is an approach that has to be implemented across the entire company to achieve the desired output. As with any initiative in a company it is crucial that senior management acts as a role m
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Exam is looming…time goes by like crazy.

Time goes by like crazy. In a bit more than 3 weeks I’m going to sit my exams in Global  Business Environment and Strategic Marketing. We just recently handed in our Marketing Plan which was part of the STMK module. Interestingly enough we were mixed
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The balanced scorecard: 2nd assignment sent

Just a brief entry today for you. I have finished and already sent in my 2nd assignment about Managing People and Performance. I have to admit that it was quite a hard journey. Having a look at my previous entry about managing people I guess that I f
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People Management – Soft, blurry and unmastered

This blog entry is dedicated to a lot of HRM materials I’m currently reading. Although some of them are quite fascinating they seem to repeat themselves over and over again… I can’t help but is this really the truth about people man
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Strategic buy-in, how you’ll benefit

Do you know the feeling when you get some orders to implement a strategy, project, whatever and haven’t been asked before? How was that? I guess you felt like somebody kidded you. Right? So what could have been done better? It’s pretty ob
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What’s required to climb up the career ladder?

Have you guys ever thought about what’s required to climb up the career ladder? What particular skills and abilities are necessary to become a manager with ambitions? Well, as far as I have thought there is no linear „do this and you get
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Paradigms – clear the road for quantum thinking

Have you recently thought about how your company is mastering the financial crunch? Don’t you think that the risk has dramatically increased over the last months or years? I guess when you were doing this you very quickly figured out that your
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Scoring as a strategical factor of success

Today I would like to share with you my latest presentation about Scoring as a strategical factor of success. This presentation was one of three presentations at our D&B Prognose Event in Zürich on 5th June 2009. My presentation covered the topic
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