Mind maps Henley MBA by Patrick Galig

MBA mind maps available for free download

Hi all Receiving loads of emails regarding my Henley MBA materials (mind maps) I have decided to make them globally available for free. Would describe it as a kind of open source. In return I would appreciate if we get connected on LinkedIn or XING t
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Change equals opportunity. Always.

Blog content and direction change

Hi all, After some thoughts about the future direction of this blog I have decided to slightly change the content of the articles. Most of the articles were about my successfully achieved MBA at Henley Business School. As I’m finished now I wou
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Henley in the Which MBA? Rankings from the Economist

Hi all Just a short entry to let you know about the new ranking of Which MBA? from the renown The economist (link) that places Henley on 12th in Europe (and 42nd in the world). It’s always a dangerous thing to assess schools only by the ranking
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Henley MBA journey is over. What a relief.

It’s done. Unbelievable…three years of hard work are over. I handed in my master thesis last Monday and have to wait 10 to 14 weeks until I get back the grades. I should be doing ok ☺. The Henley MBA has truly changed my life.   Master the
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Light at the end of the tunnel….Master thesis

Hi everybody! Quite a long time ago since my last entry but I was kind of busy.   Light at the end of the tunnel I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. So after a bit more than 2.5 years the end of the MBA seems not that far away. It has be
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Change. MBA and change kaleidoscope…

Hi guys I’m currently reading the materials for Change & Leadership of my Henley MBA. It’s a good feeling to see how far I have come on my MBA journey. 2 years of hard work, many sacrifices but loads of new things I learned. It’s funny to read th
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Year 2 – officially done or a pass is a pass

Today I have received the confirmation for what I have been waiting for 8 weeks. I have successfully passed my last MBA exams. Therefore, stage 2 is done and stage 3 including its challenges is ahead… Leadership & Change, Reputation & Respons
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Exams 3 – CFG & SD – done.

Just a quick entry this time. Exams 3 are done, couldn’t be more relieved. Don’t know about the grades but assume they should be a pass. After the exhausting period of preparation and exchanging information with loads of other team member
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Integrated Management Project – Checked.

Pretty much 2 months ago since my last blog entry. It’s interesting to see how priorities change over time. However, I’m back with loads of information for those people out there trying to master their MBA with Henley. So just a few days ago I handed
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Full throttle – exams passed.

I have to admit that my lack of motivation over the last couple of weeks was due to the pending results of the exam. You don’t know whether you should delve into the new materials or to dig out the old jokes again. I guess that’s how a managers life
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