Let the story begin – The Henley MBA

Today I have received the acceptance of my application with the Henley MBA. What is the Henley MBA all about? The Henley MBA Henley Business School is one of the largest, triple accredited business schools in Europe and the world’s third larges
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BEC Higher – Documents

We’re using BEC Higher – Business benchmark as our main book within our BEC course.  Every chapter got its own vocabulary which I have extracted for you and put it into an excel sheet. Please feel free to use it whenever it is convenient
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BEC Higher – Business English

My company was kind to offer a BEC Higher course for their employees. Of course, I have seized the opportunity and signed up for the course. You’ll find some useful stuff for the BEC Higher in here later on…. so stay tuned.
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MBA – Which one???

Hi folks! Maybe some of you out there are looking for a MBA school.  I’m sure that you have already figured out that there is a huge number of business schools wooing for you. At least that is my experience. So which one to choose? This questio
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I made it :-) Overcome the TOEFL obstacle

Hi folks !! Today is a good day to celebrate. I have finally received my TOEFL scores and luckily they are above the 100 which are required for my master. Even if I have screwed up the writing part I’m happy to meet the requirements. Thanks to
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TOEFL IBT – How to reach a good score?

The IBT is an English proficiency test which measures your ability to understand English as it is common at universities in the USA. It is a requirement for any application if your are a non-native speaker of English. The universities require a certa
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