Attention deficit. The importance of having choices !

One of the last blog entries on Webinknow was about attention. Attention is also to do with beeing visible and found. There are a few services you have to be listed on to get your deserved crowd on your blog, homepage, whatever. One of them is Technorati which is maybe the most renown blog search engine out there.

Of course this was one of my first engines I visited when I opened up my blog. Maybe you are wondering , why I’m still not listed on Technorati. To be honest: I’m wondering too.

Actually, It should be quite easy and straightforward to go through the registration process. After that you are required for claiming your blog to obtain better visibility. Simple.

But what happens if the claim fails? Doh, the technorati monster has escaped……Nice one. Ok, there is a contact form and even some FAQ’s.  You should get instantaneous help. At least that’s what I have thought. This was 2 weeks ago….still no answer to my queries.

So, right now I’m somehow caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I want ATTENTION…attention from Technorati, attention from their search engine. I don’t get neither nor. What a pity.  This leads to one immediate thought which I heard from Apples absent CEO: I like to have choices.

This in turn, brings me back to what I tell our customers as well : Use more than one single source;  so that you are able to make business decisions. Multisourcing is the way to go if it comes to important decisions. Like getting ATTENTION in the social media world.