Blog content and direction change


Hi all,

After some thoughts about the future direction of this blog I have decided to slightly change the content of the articles. Most of the articles were about my successfully achieved MBA at Henley Business School. As I’m finished now I would like to share my knowledge from the MBA combined with my professional experience. The main focus therefore will be on Marketing with an emphasis on strategic marketing, relationship marketing (CRM) and marketing performance management.

For all those of you that are interested in my MBA I have good news for you. I’m planning to share my extensive mind maps covering the entire materials of the MBA with you. I won’t just put a package of all maps onto the net but rather incorporate the maps into my articles. A quick count amounted to over 200 mind maps standing for roughly 2’500 hours of MBA. Hope you guys are looking forward to it…I do.

The new direction brings along a new name, tagline and design of the blog as well. Hope you guys like this as well :-): If you have any comments or questions feel free to drop me a line at pgalig (at) galig (dot) ch.




Customer centric MBA with 16+yrs experience focussing on personas and use cases to deliver added value to customers. Innovation and visual analytics addicted product guy.