Exam is looming…time goes by like crazy.

Time goes by like crazy

Time goes by like crazy

Time goes by like crazy. In a bit more than 3 weeks I’m going to sit my exams in Global  Business Environment and Strategic Marketing.

We just recently handed in our Marketing Plan which was part of the STMK module. Interestingly enough we were mixed up into a completely new learning group with the goal to learn in a new environment under project pressure and a communicated deadline. We managed it despite the fact that we were 6 people from 6 different countries currently living in 4 countries within 3 different time zones (one fellow was from New Zealand!). I guess this might be called: multicultural project management.

However, we didn’t have any issues working together. We clearly had a goal in mind and everybody was eager to reach that goal and contribute accordingly. It has been a fruitful time to be together with people of different characteristics and team roles (like the Belbin team roles). Do you know whether you are a plant, implementer, resource-investigator etc? If you don’t it might make sense to bring you up to speed here. Your next project will come…I’m pretty sure about that. Knowing each others team roles let you exploit all strengths of your team members. Give it a try…it’ll work.

Next entry: How marketing metrics like Customer lifetime value, Recency-Frequency-Monetary value etc. will change your marketing perception.