Risk Management and Social Media? Does it go together?

Today I would like to ask the community a question about the use of  Social Media in Risk Management. In the last weeks I was confronted with thoughts about how to use Social Media in Risk Management.

The perception of Social media within Risk Management businesses has been that SM is a kind of  wacky thing which has been led by Internet freaks out there.

Questions which arose were like this:

We have a banking secret, so how should we use Twitter or blogs to spread information? Our clients are people who don’t care about Twitter. The buyer persona of private banks is not Social media attracted.

To be honest I was a bit concerned and disappointed about these questions. Were these people just scared about the new ways of information spreading? Don’t they see the ample possibilities SM would offer to them.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have something like a Blog to answer all the questions out there which came up because of the financial crunch? I would love to read the „truth“ and reasons why something happened from my institutions as well. I don’t want to read shocking, sometimes not backed-up stories in newspapers. I just want the experts speak.  No distraction. Just pure answering.  I could even live with a blog where I can’t comment.

So with this on mind I was wondering how I could establish Social Media thinking at Dun & Bradstreet. I think I have found a way. Let’s see if we’ll go that way. But one for sure: Budgets are swapping from print media to online media in the future.  Therefore also the importance of print content will be diluted in future.

But to come back to my initial question:  Do you have any ideas how Social media could contribute to Risk Management business? How could we transform Risk management experts from Social media grouches into Social media embracing people? Do you know about successful transitions or companies?

Feel free to comment….