Paradigms – clear the road for quantum thinking

Head and glowing brain

Head and glowing brain

Have you recently thought about how your company is mastering the financial crunch? Don’t you think that the risk has dramatically increased over the last months or years? I guess when you were doing this you very quickly figured out that your company maybe has the wrong structure, the wrong culture or just a wrong paradigm. It needn’t be entirely wrong. But it could be that it would need some adaption.

An adaptation which is required to embrace the change. How open is your company with respect to change? Do ask yourself these questions. Is the „never change a winning team“ approach still reasonable? Does a classical western paradigm which is based on scientific assumptions, measures, control, top-down structure and the approach that only 1 best solution exists, really do the job any longer? Is it the best way to go through these challenging times? To be honest, I don’t think so.

Exactly here, the quantum thinking jumps in. Quantum thinking describes a paradigm which is based on eight points (Trevor Long, Henley Business School)

  1. Holistic
  2. Following a vision
  3. Risk taking and forgiving and playful
  4. Self organising
  5. Participatory
  6. Flexible & determined
  7. Diverse
  8. Participatory

How many of these points describe your company? This could be a great starting point for a organisational analysis to cope with the credit crunch but also with all kind of contemporary changes. Nowadays, everything has reached an incredible speed. If I take a look at how quickly we have to fulfil customers requirements etc. it’s just scary how fast some changes happen. We’re expected to deliver in no time. If you don’t, then the customer is looking around for options. Assuming you’re not in a monopoly…. you just have to satisfy these needs.

What I want to end with is: BE OPEN. Embrace the change and question yourself in a critical way. In a way you never have done it before. You’ll see it’s really amazing and relieving.