The new rules of Marketing & PR

Hi there !

I read an interesting book about the new rules of marketing and PR. David Meerman Scott, who’s the author of the Webinknow.com blog,  has written a fantastic book about social media like blogging, podcast, SEM etc. and how it influences your marketing and communication department. Actually, the old rules of Marketing and PR aren’t any longer applicable, since on the the Internet you have to approach your customers differently. The content was very enlightening.

I have learned a lot about buyer personas and how important it is to address each of them separately. Do not try to use high sophisticated marketing terms. Just use the same language your customers are using as well. This ensures that you’ll get better ranks on Google either.

By the way, let’s think about the use of blogs, wiki’s, podcasts, free e-books etc. for your company as well. I might be worth to break with the old traditions. Remember the last presidential election in the USA. Obama was highly present on the Internet through different platforms. May it be Facebook, Myspace or whatever…the fact is that a lot of people got in touch with him through the internet and finally voted for him. He had a following crowd of almost 16 million people on the internet. If he had gotten all these votes, they may have stood for 1/3 of all his received votes! Absolutely amazing….

Nevertheless, I try to figure out how I can use these social media tools in our risk management business as well. CFO’s, credit managers usually don’t care about blogs, social network platforms, Twitter etc. However, there must be a way to reach their attention with theses tools. A challenge.

In the meantime, go and get a copy of Scott’s book yourself. It’s really worth…. (book). By the way, I have already ordered his new book :-).

I’ll write some further lines about his book. So stay tuned….