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These files for download are my own prepared mind maps and TOC’s from my Henley MBA. Please understand that I am not allowed to send you assignments due to confidential content. Use them as you like but don’t forget to mention the source and don’t violate the copyright. For any other files etc. drop me a line at patrick (at) marketinginsight (dot) ch. Thanks.

I would appreciate to get connected via LinkedIn or XING as a return for uploading my mind maps.

Mind maps

Stage 1


tage 1 of the Henley MBA „Managing the organisation“

  • All mind maps stage 1 (DoM, MPP, MPSP, MFR) of the Henley MBA (download)
Stage 2


tage 2 of the Henley MBA „Making business choices“

  • All mind maps stage 2 (GBE, STMK, SD, CF, RM) of the Henley MBA (download)
Stage 3


tage 3 of the Henley MBA „Making the difference“

  • All mind maps stage 3 (LC, RR) of the Henley MBA (download)

Table of contents

Stage 1-3

tage 1-3 of the Henley MBA

  • All table of contents (assignments) of the Henley MBA (download)

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