Who’s behind this blog…..

When Patrick Galig was 7 years old…..

he decided to become a professional ice hockey player instead of a professional tennis player. It’s one of many decisions in my life that have symbolized cornerstones. I won championships and tournaments in Switzerland and internationally. I learned quite early what discipline is all about and how much work needs to be done to be successful and become a high achiever. Team spirit, common objectives and hard training were my drugs. As a „center“ I was used to be the „head“ or brain of my formation on the ice.

Marketing could be is my thing

At the time when I had decided to fade away my career in sports I knew it would be challenging to start my professional life. So I thought to start off with my own company during my studies of business information systems could be a good fit. We developed web sites for customers in the golden era of the Internet. I recall that I truly appreciated the acquisition of customers to subsequently understand what their needs were and fulfill them. This was a starting point to realize that (technical) marketing could be my thing. Many years later having added a Bachelor in Science in Business Administration and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the renown Henley Business School to my educational portfolio I’m currently heading the Product Management team in Switzerland of Bisnode D&B – a world leading business information company headquartered in Stockholm. Bisnode is a strategic partner of the world market leader Dun & Bradstreet. Before that I worked in the credit card industry for 8 years in collection and risk management.

Product Manager is the most interesting job in a company

So my job is to understand customer needs to subsequently develop products that make a difference. In my opinion Product Manager is one of the most interesting jobs in a company. As a mini-CEO you liaise with different internal and external stakeholders to enable and drive revenue and profit. The product lifecycle at Bisnode comprises the management of the entire process – so we do:

  1. Generate ideas based on customer and market feedback
  2. Write Business cases
  3. Define requirements for cutting edge products (agile methodology)
  4. Support development of products (e.g. testing, quality control)
  5. Set pricing and business models
  6. Create marketing collaterals, ensure Sales readiness
  7. Define and execute holistic Go to market strategies (What do we sell to whom and how?) involving all stakeholders (like sales, customers, partners, channels etc)  based on sound marketing mixes (7 P’s) as part of the overarching marketing plan
  8. Pre-Sales (Consulting) and Post-sales support including Project Management
  9. Business and Channel development
  10. 2nd and 3rd level product support
  11. Product controlling
  12. Product decommissioning


Pretty comprehensive, right? Yes it is. I guess that is the reason why I am so fascinated of Product Management. It’s the most holistic job in a company. I love it which is why I would like to share some insights as an expert. You will stumble upon blog entries and articles of core product management, broader marketing topics and relationship marketing.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Have fun and keep in mind: Don’t work harder but smarter!


Patrick Galig / patrick (at) galig (dot) ch





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