Exams. Been there done that.

Stage 1 exams completed

Stage 1 exams completed

Hi folks

Just a short notice that I had my stage 1 exams with Henley Business School. To cut a long story short: We we’re kind of over prepared. We went through the case studies and calculated and anticipated the most difficult scenarios ever just to realize that the questions were somehow in a different direction. Guess this learning will be definitely beneficial for the next written exams due in December already.

However, it’ll take some weeks to get the results back. Hopefully I’ll have passed as stage 2 begins in just a couple of weeks and I don’t want to go back to stage 1 materials again. So, I’m really looking forward to Strategic Marketing, Global business environment, Corporate Finance and Governance and last but not least Strategic Direction. I guess this stage really deserves it’s description being „Making Choices“.

Nevertheless, for now I’m just chilling, socializing and enjoy some days off MBA. Paying some attention to all those whom I have neglected the last 12 months. Thanks for your support in quite challenging times.

The next entry will be a quite reflective one about the life on a roller coaster being a MBA student….stay tuned.