Full throttle – exams passed.

I have to admit that my lack of motivation over the last couple of weeks was due to the pending results of the exam. You don’t know whether you should delve into the new materials or to dig out the old jokes again. I guess that’s how a managers life is. There is no complete information – you have to decide on your own how to get along with what you know – or not.

However, today my RISIS account said that I have passed all the exams. I could even increase my marks compared to the last year exams (although the markers and moderators seem to have marked the papers even harder according to the overall results from other peers). That’s kind of a relief. I had to deal with quite a lot of difficult situations during the last year especially my mothers death in November just 2 weeks before the exams. I had to arrange the funeral, all administrative tasks etc…so the last thing I could think of was actually the exam preparation. Nevertheless, I managed myself through that weired and saddest moment of my life. I really would like to devote these exams to my beloved mother.  She certainly would have been be proud of me.

What’s next? Actually “next” has already begun. Strategic Direction, Corporate Finance and Governance and my elective Relationship Marketing are on the agenda. Will be tough times and plenty of work. Since I neglected my studies in December due to the aforementioned reasons I’m currently slightly behind the schedule. Luckily, I’m apparently not the only one…that’s what out tutor called the “mid-MBA blues”. I’m sure I’ll get through that challenge as well. Will tell you how…..hopefully.

Good luck to those guys who’ll be sitting their year 1 exam in march and I’m in contact with. Good luck to others with their various assignments due soon. Relevance is the key J.

Learn next time why I personally think a Henley MBA equips you with relevant theory for your business to be successful.