Intriguing Henley MBA starter weekend

Henley Business School

Henley Business School

This time I would like to share some insights and feelings about my starter course at Henley-on-Thames / UK.

The first thing what I felt when I was approaching Henley was: How will it be? Do I have the strengths to survive the next 3 years. Can I remain committed?

As soon as I stepped through the entrance on the campus I just felt somehow at home. A beautiful setting with an absolutely stunning countryside. In front of the school building the Thames flow surrounded by lots of green. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful setting to immerse into a 3 year long journey which will be more than challenging.

After checking in I received the keys to my room which was located on the campus as well. How exciting, the rooms were pretty fine and featured everything one student could think of or at least need. Once accustomed I got something to drink at the bar where I met a lot of fellow students. How international! We have people from around the globe. Australian, American, Canadian, Afrikan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Afrika and from diverse parts of Europe. Average age is about 38, management experience more than 10 years. What could be more challenging as to get along with all this cultures, mindsets etc. I was just stunned. I was not expecting such a variety of people.

The lessons itselves were very challenging, very new and very unexpected. How can a few lessons change my view of the world so dramatically. It was intriguing how well the tutors and particularly the teachers challenged us to think differently, to question ourselves, to think about our beliefs and mindsets. Albeit it was just a few days I really started a process inside myself. I suppose this process will be finished in about 3 years. Henley puts emphasise on personal development too, it’s not only about knowledge accumulation.
Nevertheless, we finished a complex case study in this short time by viewing information through different lenses. The management mistakes made were kind of a wake up call for quite a lot of the students. For me too.

So in conclusion, I made a lot of friends in a beautiful and motivating setting and started to think differently. I guess this is pretty amazing in such a short time and it really has astonished me.

I’m more than ever feeling that this was a darn good decision to go for a MBA with Henley Business School. I can’t wait or resist going through all materials and exchange thoughts and ideas with my fellow group members.

Henley Business School garden

Henley Business School garden

The journey has already begun; please fasten your seat belts! As Chris Dalton put it in:

Learning brings change, change brings learning.

I couldn’t say it in a better way.