Managing financial resources. Done.

Stress at flexible learning

Stress at flexible learning

The last entry dates back to February. Boy, that’s way back. However, it somehow describes the MFR module. Content extremely interesting but really though to get through all materials concepts etc. I wish I had a bit more time to immerse into all relevant parts but this hasn’t been the case. Looking forward to stage 2’s corporate finance and governance module which builds upon Managing financial resources.

So, tomorrow I’m flying over to Henley again to attend the Exam preparation workshop. I’ll stay for another week to learn with my cohorts as the stage 1 exams are just 4 weeks ahead. Unbelievable how fast things are going….Writing an assignment here, writing an assignment there and besides all the studies further improve D&B’s product range. I really understand why distance learning (or flexible learning as it has been renamed) students are exhausted most of the time. I personally wish back the good old university days when I was studying full-time. That was so easy compared to what’s going on here.

I really can say that people attending a part-time program are resilient and prove day by day how keen they are to achieve their goals. So, employers…..watch out for these guys. They know what hard work is.

By the way, my grade was ok as well for MFR. Still on first degree journey 🙂 albeit my ratio analysis could have been a bit better. Competitive rivalry and Planning & Budgeting was good nevertheless.

So the next entry will be after my exams before my marriage :-).