Managing Processes, Systems and Projects – checked.



Well, after a fantastic Christmas eve etc. I was required to finish my next assignment about Managing Processes, Systems and Projects. And I did it 🙂

I was really looking forward to that subject as I have felt that it’s the module I can apply most to my company. And finally it has been true. Despite the quantity of reading the module was fun and it turned out to be the most holistic module so far. This albeit the fact that the content was actually down to processes etc.

However, I have analysed an issue regarding our internal complaint management process and proposed some changes of the process and the use of the CRM. In order to do so I used a couple of models like:

  • Process performance objectives (Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility, Cost)
  • Polar diagrams for customer expectations vs. current performance
  • Conflicts and trade offs
  • Efficient frontier model
  • Process strategy matrix
  • SIPOC (Suppliers, Input, Processes, Output, Customers)
  • Process maps
  • 4 V’s demand model
  • Little’s law (Throughput time = work in process x cycle time)
  • Theory of constraints (especially bottlenecks)
  • SERVQUAL – quality management process
  • Principle of costs
  • Service-profit chain
  • Change process by Kotter
  • Project management
  • Force-field analysis
  • Stakeholder power-interest grid
  • Risk management

However, If you want to know more about these models etc. don’t hesitate to drop me a line. For now, I’m going to focus on Managing Financial resources and Personal development which are the next important modules I’m looking forward to.

So, wish you all a very good start into 2010…