New year: Here we go again!

Long time ago since my last entry. A lot of things happened; unfortunately not good things. However, I guess a MBA has to plough through somehow and I will.

The exam (Strategic marketing, Global Business environment……hell, I’m a RED specialist and a Global Mining industry Pro now) in December went well although I caught a serious cold when England was on fire (or shall I say on snow). Questions were quite thankful and the experience of the first exam was valuable when we prepared and wrote our answers. However, we again had way too much material we brought into the exams setting. All over, people were a bit more confident about their answers this time. Hope that this has been the right gut feeling. As always we’ll know in about 8 weeks time which means in a bit less then 4 weeks from now.

So, new year….what are your resolutions? WLB…..Work-life-balance. Accept that a sound 80/20 solution is in most of the cases sufficient. There is room for perfection (and I’m a hopeless perfectionist) but you have to know when it is worth to go the extra mile.

I’m heading to London in 2 days for the Strategic direction and Corporate Finance and Governance workshop. I’m really looking forward to Henley and its intriguing setting to re-energize for my studies again. There’s a lot to come: Integrated management project, Relationship Marketing elective, the aforementioned 2 subjects and then the exam in June. For sure enough to get exhausted. Especially when your company loves your ideas from your MBA and would like you to implement them :-).

Stay tuned.