Change equals opportunity. Always.

Blog content and direction change

Hi all, After some thoughts about the future direction of this blog I have decided to slightly change the content of the articles. Most of the articles were about my successfully achieved MBA at Henley Business School. As I’m finished now I wou
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Master thesis marked – MBA officially over and done.

Hi folks A quick one. Got back my results for my thesis about marketing metrics (marketing performance measurement) as part of my Henley MBA. I’am extremely delighted as I haven’t expected such a brilliant result despite the fact that the
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Exam is looming…time goes by like crazy.

Time goes by like crazy. In a bit more than 3 weeks I’m going to sit my exams in Global  Business Environment and Strategic Marketing. We just recently handed in our Marketing Plan which was part of the STMK module. Interestingly enough we were mixed
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Risk Management and Social Media? Does it go together?

Today I would like to ask the community a question about the use of  Social Media in Risk Management. In the last weeks I was confronted with thoughts about how to use Social Media in Risk Management. The perception of Social media within Risk Manage
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The new rules of Marketing & PR

Hi there ! I read an interesting book about the new rules of marketing and PR. David Meerman Scott, who’s the author of the Webinknow.com blog,  has written a fantastic book about social media like blogging, podcast, SEM etc. and how it influen
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