What’s required to climb up the career ladder?

Have you guys ever thought about what’s required to climb up the career ladder? What particular skills and abilities are necessary to become a manager with ambitions? Well, as far as I have thought there is no linear „do this and you get
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Intriguing Henley MBA starter weekend

This time I would like to share some insights and feelings about my starter course at Henley-on-Thames / UK. The first thing what I felt when I was approaching Henley was: How will it be? Do I have the strengths to survive the next 3 years. Can I rem
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Personal development and Learning journal

I have recently filled out my first entry for Henley’s learning journal. The learning journal can be found within Henley connect and serves as a „diary“ for your tutors, peers and yourself. You can exchange your thoughts (whatever t
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Let the story begin – The Henley MBA

Today I have received the acceptance of my application with the Henley MBA. What is the Henley MBA all about? The Henley MBA Henley Business School is one of the largest, triple accredited business schools in Europe and the world’s third larges
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MBA – Which one???

Hi folks! Maybe some of you out there are looking for a MBA school.  I’m sure that you have already figured out that there is a huge number of business schools wooing for you. At least that is my experience. So which one to choose? This questio
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