Product Management

Task management with Wunderlist – A powerful tool for free

Do you know at any time how many open tasks you have to perform? How many of them are related to business and how many to private life? Is it sometimes difficult for you to distinguish and you get muddled up with all the things you should be doing? I
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Promotion – Well deserved. Competition should be wary of….

Hi folks This one is regarding a personal matter. I have been recently promoted (initially planned a bit earlier, but changes need some time..) to the Leader of Product Management at Dun & Bradstreet (Switzerland) Ltd. Looking forward to lead the
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A Product Managers dilemma

As you might know I have been working as a product manager for quite a long time. The job’s funny, I really can achieve something and forge the future to some extent. However, I’m wondering where do the areas of responsibility start and e
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